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Major protest in Bangkok. The government might step down over the week end.

In Bangkok, the leader of the People Democratic Reform Committee Suthep THAUGSUBAN call the unpaid rice growers to join forces in order to oust the care taker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra this week end.

Long running anti-government protest now has another dimension since rice farmers have join the yellow shirts who have been and will continue to camp at the commerce ministry.

Suthep Thaugsuban forecast : “We should show together with the rice farmers, I guarantee the government will not survive”

National Anti-Corruption Commission of the Kingdom of Thailand could charge care taker Prime Minister for dereliction on duty under section 157 of the Criminal Code.

Yingluck SHINAWATRA will have to step down if the investigation shows that she was negligent in her duties.

The rice was sold to the government 50% above market value. Rice-buying scheme was designed to increase the standard of living of the rice farmers but actually costed the country billions.

Thailand was the world’s leading exporter with nearly the third of the world market but the image of thaï rice was destroyed and the Thai Government is now struggling to sell its rice.

The country is running short of storage space and some experts think the situation could lead to the end of the rice industry in Thailand.