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Benefits of Fish Oil and Health(Omega -3 Fatty Acids)

Omega-3 fatty acids are a vital nutrient important for our body. Intake of mega-3 fatty acids is essential as the human body cannot make them and so one needs to get it from outside food that we consume.

Omega-3 fatty are generously found in fish, such as Salmon, seafood and other fish like plankton and krill. Thus, it is generally recommended to consume fish for good skin, better perspective, distinct mind and what not.

Below mention some health benefits of consuming omega 3 fatty acids in your diet :
Researchers suggest that high taking of omega-3 fatty acids, derived from fish helps reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
According to researchers to a new study about fish oil can soothe and prevent neuropathic pain caused by injuries to the sensory system.
Fish oil supports the functionality of white blood cells in human body thereby it give strength to immune system.
Studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids are effectively in reducing the incidence of heart diseases.
Regular ingestion of fish oil aids in reduction inflammation in the blood and tissues

There is proof that suggested quantities of DHA and EPA, taken as seafood or seafood oil products, may lower triglycerides and prevent cardiac arrest, irregular pulse rate, and heart stroke in individuals who have center conditions. DHA and EPA may also benefit individuals who have solidifying of the bloodstream or hypertension. Similar results have been found for ALA, but more proof is needed to back up its prospective benefits.