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Responsibilities of a General Dentist

Are you searching for a trusted general dentist in Calgary SE? Would you like to know more information about the dentistry specialist before plunging into an appointment? If so, you may want to read some of the responsibilities of a general dentist.

Being able to know some of the responsibilities of a dentist before going for a check-up may help you know what to expect from him or her. This way, if you see some practices he may be doing wrong or may not be doing at all, you can find some other dentist to go to the next time.

First and foremost, a dentist in Calgary SE or any other place should have a dental school degree, accredited by Canada. More importantly, he or she should be licensed to perform dentistry levels nationally. As a patient you can do a background check on the dentist through online sites. However, if this isn’t possible, you should be able to find the dentist’s credentials plastered on the walls of the clinic.

Other responsibilities a general dentist should possess are:

  • Examine Patients

A general dentist should be able to examine patients who secure appointments. A part of the examination will be asking you about your condition. However, it should not be limited to just that. In all cases, general dentists should observe your oral condition pieces of equipment and tools like the x-ray machines. For instance, you are there because of a toothache, the dentist must check the tooth in question so he or she can properly detect the cause of the pain.

In check-ups like this one, most general dentists don’t limit themselves to just one concern. They usually observe your entire teeth and mouth to find possible problems which may occur in the near future.

  • Treat Patients

A general dentist from Calgary SE will not just stop at examining the patients. If there is a looming problem, he or she should be able to treat it immediately. A dentist can perform teeth cleaning or teeth extraction. In doing extractions, it is the surgeon’s responsibility to administer anesthesia. A part of the treatment may also mean sealing the cracks and filling the cavities of teeth. A dentist should also be able to perform cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening.

  • Explain Preventions

After examination and treatment, a dentist should be able to do a follow-up explanation regarding oral hygiene. He or she should teach patients about how to protect the teeth and gums at home. Take note that you cannot visit the dentist every single day, so it is the dentist’s responsibility to give you tips that could keep your teeth healthy.

  • Other Responsibilities

Apart from the top three responsibilities, a dentist has other obligations to their patients. They have a responsibility to themselves and their patients to learn about the newest dental tools and equipment to use in treatments. They also need to know more about the latest treatment techniques. If the general dentist has his or her own clinic, it is a must that he or she hires employees which are skilled in the dentistry field. He or she also has the responsibility of firing an unfit employee.


A dentist in Calgary SE should be able to maintain these responsibilities. You as a patient, now have your own responsibility to search for the right surgeon that can perform these responsibilities.