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Growth hormone is also called Hgh 30,000, is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. This is an important product of the gland, which contains 5 mg hormone (about 10% of its dry weight). As its name implies, growth hormone is important in controlling linear growth and, together with thyroid hormones and sex hormones is important in determining the final height and individual development. It also has a role in controlling food metabolism, so the absence of the hormone in children leads to a small size with the whole body in proportion, while the deficiency in adults causes weakness and depression.

The growth stops when the epiphyses (ends) to connect the bones of the main axis between them. Hypersecretion before this occurs results in gigantism, while hypersecretion then results in acromegaly, a condition characterized by enlargement of facial features and enlargement of the hands and feet. The interest in dwarfism, gigantism, acromegaly and has survived the centuries, literature, especially children, is full of stories of dwarfs and giants, while the Old Testament writings were various descriptions of the giants.

A study of painting can also be people with impaired secretion growth hormone. 1365 Portrait a. C. about Tutankhamen’s father-in-law chacterisitics illustrates some of acromegaly, but it was not until the late eighteenth century Saucerette, a French surgeon, described with a story suggesting the condition. During the nineteenth century, a series of reports have appeared, and the term “acromegaly” was invented in 1886 by Pierre-Marie. The following year, Minkowski (who also directed some of the first significant experience in the discovery of insulin) indicated that acromegaly was associated with a pituitary tumor. These tumors are now known to be the cause of gigantism and acromegaly. Once this is established, treatment surgical disease began to be tempted in the 1890s. In 1912, Cushing, a famous American neurosurgeon, who also made important contributions to endocrinology, the pioneer of the technique to operate in the pituitary tumors through the nose.

The focus of the nose is possible because the pituitary gland itself located in the midline at the base of the brain. Part of the visual pathway, “the optic chiasm, located across from the pituitary, extending the tumor may lead visual defects. This could explain why Goliath does not see the stone thrown by David.

Growth hormone is a peptide of 191 amino acids important and is relatively certain species, so that primates growth hormone is effective in humans. This until 1985, when it was possible to synthesize the treatment of growth hormone extracted from the small busy Human pituitary. As with certain preparations of human gonadotrophins have been used in treatments fertility, some preparations are contaminated, making 1 in 1000 patients who develop Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, resulting in dementia and death. Today biosynthesis of growth hormone is used.

Growth hormone is still detectable in the plasma of healthy individuals throughout life, is not lies continuously for 24 hours, but in bursts. The greatest increase following the onset of sleep, so it may be a basic history of the old lady not grow if not get a good night’s sleep. The hormone is present in the fetus, but may not be necessary for growth until shortly after birth. Its production increases in early puberty in girls than boys.

The secretion of growth hormone is controlled by the hypothalamus, a brain region is important in regulating many functions including an important role in the stress response: Growth hormone is secreted in response to a number of limitations such as exercise, anesthesia and surgery. Prolonged stress however, can suppress the release of growth hormones, so that disadvantaged children affective may show marked growth retardation secondary. One such case was said Sir James Barrie, who was small in stature and has made some affinity with his creation, Peter Pan

The release is stimulated in response to decreased blood sugar, which can be produced by injection of insulin in one trial Clinical secretion of growth hormone. The hypothalamus controls the secretion of growth hormone through its own secretion of two peptides, somatostatin, which inhibits hormone secretion and releasing growth hormone, which is exciting, these hormones reach the anterior pituitary and friends around the local blood vessels.

Growth hormone stimulates the growth of long bones, not directly but through the action of somatomedins, who are insulin-like growth factors produced in the liver, which also inhibit the release of the hormone. It has a direct effect on metabolic processes in the body to support growth through increased formation of proteins and nucleic component amino acids (anabolic) and lean body mass. However, their purpose of promoting the degradation of carbohydrates and lipids, with the energy released to support growth. Due to the anabolic effects and because the detection is difficult, growth hormone has been used by athletes to improve performance, although studies have shown that it is of little value.

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