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Thoughts, despite the apparent indifference of nature, are always present in his mind. In life altering decisions or ideas in seemingly innocuous concepts about different situations they face every day, images that invade his consciousness from time to time only to show you are a thinking being. And the process of thinking, of course, is what drives you and around the world to produce thoughts.

The etymology of the word origin the thinking is linked to an old English word meaning “design in mind or consider.” A common language means the act of thinking in a series psychological activities. In some cases, is related to the act of being willing to put his faith in something, but gently. Thus, the usual way that most of us present our views and ideas, with these words: “I believe”.

How thoughts affect your mood and mental health

Based on research conducted by the National Institutes Health headed by Dr. Mark George, thoughts of hope or work to produce a calm happy overwhelming that affects the brain, while the reverse could cause swelling of the specific brain areas, especially those with depression and anxiety has skyrocketed. With this as evidence, it is logical that psychologists confirm the validity of the thoughts that regularly host directly impact our mental health, causing psychological consequences that will ultimately be manifested in our general physical and psychological health and our attitudes and behavior.

Cited by Daniel G. Amen, MD, as the ants, which is synonymous with negative automatic thoughts, negative thoughts, maintained and / or lodged in the spirit, would find its way into your life. The result: bad character resulting from a bad day or worse (if we think negatively, for example), a wasted life, once you succumb to depression or anxiety following that could be done in time.

The ants of four species according to Daniel G. Amen, MD

In its article “Optimization of brain function”, Daniel G. Amen has identified four different types ants. These are:

One of our human limitations is the inability to see through people’s heads is that you can not read minds. However, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, most of us tend to believe what you think (about us, our actions, performances, etc.) and I believe that our assumptions are correct, even without concrete evidence.

Not to be confused with ESP or religious prophecies, divination is a figurative mark only means of identification the temptation to predict the results based on their perceptions of the likelihood or provide any circumstance come much before they actually occur. Regardless whether our calculations are wrong, the effect this has on our thinking is instantaneous. If the prediction of future events or results collected, we can not avoid that we automatically put our faith in them, which eventually began to adopt measures conducive to achieving our own prophecy.

  • Thinking always and forever

The use of terms such as always, often, everyone, everything, everyone, etc means that you becoming widespread. Usually, when we we find a person who has offended us or a situation that proved to be a disadvantage for us or lead to frustration or deception, we tend to generalize and put the person in terms of groups and a specific instance of a set of experiments Partners / situation. The execution a bad experience or group of persons that have prevented us to avoid similar situations and / or people in the future to avoid being hurt again.

Reflecting on the time and regrets the actions of time again, or wallow in guilt for a crime we have to do is drag us down if we allow these thoughts to prevail in our minds. The guilt that haunts us when these thoughts may haunt cultures inexorably.

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